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From Tragedy to Triumphant Successful Entrepreneur!

If you were with me 30 years ago.......

You would have seen a very different individual someone who didn’t smile a lot and someone who felt like she was just existing and not living. I was a desperate, vulnerable single mother lacking confidence and with minimal hope for the future.

Equally distressing was the fact that I had no money to even plan one. I had been in a long abusive relationship which I thought would never end and I was at a time in my life where my confidence was at an all-time low. Thankfully my story didn’t end there, and I was fortunate enough to get out but not in a way that I ever expected.

 Fast forward 10 years and you’re looking at a very different woman, a woman who is experiencing a newfound freedom and a woman now able to pursue her dreams. However, I was scared and even unsure about what the next phase of my life was going to look like.

Yes, I was feeling free, but I was still not living life on purpose nor was I confident enough to really go for what I thought I wanted. The one thing I did have was my faith. I was always passionate about helping people and knew I was naturally gifted at it because for years I had listened to other people’s problems, given them coaching and I was seeing massive results.

I thought about this one morning as I sat having a cup of tea at home and checked in with my sister who told me to go for it! So I did, I rolled my sleeves up, set some goals, changed my mindset and worked hard so I could begin providing a better life for me and my children.

I locked myself away, studied hard for the next three years and eventually graduated from university with three degrees Wahoo!!

 I have now started the journey of turning myself into the perfect employee. Yes employee! But as time passed, I found that I became seriously unhappy as I was still penned in a box and sometimes it felt no different from my past having someone control me and crushing my creativity and spirit.

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5 years later 

I’m still a faithful employee, but have now also experienced some major challenges on the way, challenges that I thought would either break me, end my career or drive me to a mental breakdown. Thankfully they didn’t and at that point I knew I needed to do something to gain control of my own destiny.

I Quit Employment

Instead of breaking down I used that energy, tuned up my resilience, increased my faith and fight which fuelled my passion and determination to start doing things on my terms. I felt a strong desire about this, I had no money, but I knew I wanted to run my own business and become the soulful businesswoman I had felt inside for a long time.

I decided I was not standing for anyone having the right to disempower me ever again unless their name was God! So, I cracked on, keep my head down and worked hard for the next few years creating the life and business that I truly desired and one that had my personality all over it and was also paying me what I was worth too!

I spent thousands on self-development mastering my crafts, coupled with this I took my past life and business experiences and turned myself into a savvy, soulful businesswoman now helping others around me grow and develop.

It wasn't easy, there were ups and downs...

However I overcame them all. It’s now 2016 and I’ve been the CEO of my own company for six years and I’m starting to make a name or myself as well as becoming more sought after for my skills and experience as well as being known as an international speaker, coach and author. I have spoken on stages all over the world, I’ve been interviewed on podcasts and sat on various expert panels sharing my story and giving guidance and advice to aspiring or existing entrepreneurs who want to learn from me.

 It's now 2020 and as I look back over the last ten years, I can truly say I am doing what I love, earning what I’m worth and serving others in a soulful way. The beauty of this is, is that I can see a clearer vision not only for myself but for other women who want to live life on their terms too. I’m coaching women to build their business and get money breakthroughs and loving it by assisting them to become more confident in their life, money and business in my Power Up Coaching Academy  where I created and teach various programs. 

 Do you want to know the most powerful thing that I experience when working with women in my programs? Every time I get to work with a new beautiful woman, it is seeing them transform into a faith filled female who now sees possibility and  who’s steps forward by taking charge of her life ,her money and her business too, this to me is totally priceless!

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